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We are your one stop for
HR Solution Consultancy.

The Team is headed by Sanjay Sabnis a Senior HR Professional having 30 years experience in all the areas of Human Resources Function and has worked as Head of HR for various Domestic & Multinational Organizations.
Corporate Connect team has compounded experience of more than five decades of handling Human Resource in the area of HR policy formation, Performance Management, Talent Development, Compensation & Benefits, Industrial Relations and Legal compliances.

HR Consulting

Today’s competitive work environment requires efficient and trained man power to build a successful organization. Corporate connect provides, consultancy in all the are3as of hum recourses function.


The complex environment of today requires process that is creative and inspiring. Partnering with different clients and helping them make max use of their potential both personally and professionally is what coaching truly means


Trained and talented employees are assets for any organization, we provide various soft skill trainings which help the individual to grow and develop in his or her professional and personal life.

To become the best HR Outsourcing company where people are inspired to be the best they can be and committed towards the development of our customer business.

HR Outsourcing company with professional human resources skills which focuses on development of people, processes and delivers innovative affordable solutions to the customers and creates competitive edge for the customer in challenging environment.

The success of any organization is hugely dependent on its team and it is believed that people in the organization are the differentiators. Irrespective of size, geography and industry, all organizations are realizing the value of having high performance teams in place.

Managing People is therefore of prime importance in every industry irrespective of the fact whether the business is Human Intrinsic or otherwise.

Our Skills

Graph as per avaiable experts at Corporate Connect

HR Coaching90%
HR Training80%
HR Consulting95%
HR SOlutions85%