HR Challenges

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HR Challenges


Corporate HR Challenges

HR Focus

In any growing business priority is given to generate more and more sales revenue. The support functions like HR, Finance etc. play a secondary role .


In the Initial stages of every business cost being the major constraint not enough attention is given on the right fit while hiring of the candidates for some of the positions except for the positions which are critical and can directly impact the business.

Attract Talent

Some of the major factors which impact the organizations in attracting the talent can be the brand image, quality of product & services, compensation & benefits, working culture & conditions of service etc.

Retain Talent

Retaining Talent in the Organization in the competitive market is another mammoth challenge. The competitors are always looking for Experienced and talented candidates from the competition

Develop Talent

Trained and talented employees are assets for any organization. However due to constraints of time and cost not enough focus is given on developing the talent.


Multiple labour laws become applicable to every Organization however not enough importance is given on the required compliances. Compliances are done only which are mandatory and closely monitored by regulatory authorities.

High Attrition

Attrition is one of the major challenge for any organization. High attrition has direct impact on the productivity of the organization.

Most Common

HR Challanges

  • Compensation & Benefits

    Many a times the imbalances in the comp & benefits amongst the employees occur due to absence of formal salary structure. The salary levels are not reviewed as per market levels at regular intervals.The salaries are decided on the criticality and necessity at given point of time.

  • Millennial Workforce

    One of the major challenge faced by every Organization today is managing the Millennial workforce . The major reasons for such challenge can be attributed to the following :

    They require active participation and want to share responsibilities.
    They believe in hard work however in return expect competitive compensation.
    They expect a visible blueprint of their career path.
    They believe and insist in work life balance.
    They require feedback at regular interval of their performance which keeps them motivated.